Be Inspired with Ideas for Your Home

Be Inspired with Ideas for Your Home

Be Inspired with Ideas for Your Home

Are you building, renovating or upgrading with energy efficiency in mind?

Visit the Northern Tasmanian Smart Living Centre for innovative solutions.

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The Smart Living Centre is brought to you by Grant Chugg Plumbing.  Come and be inspired with energy efficient, cost saving, and innovative solutions for your home.

See below for some of the things we can help you with to make a real difference in the comfort and efficiency of your home.


Innovative wood and gas fueled heaters and cookers.

Technology in wood heating has advanced significantly in recent years.  We are focused on finding the most efficient wood heaters for Australian homes.  We offer a range of brands with new wood heaters that are more advanced, perform efficiently with less carbon emissions than ever.  Most importantly they heat more effectively and burn less wood too.  Extended warranties and ongoing support are available.

Come and visit us today to see our extensive range of wood and gas heating and cooking options.  See for yourself the new innovations that have entered the world of heating and how they can make a big difference for you.  Based on your preferences and your home size and layout we can help work out the best heating solution for your home.

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Medium Wood Heaters
Large Wood Heaters
Inbuilt Wood Heaters
Gas Log Fires
Wood Stoves

Save with solar energy.